The most comprehensive adult music instruction in London and the United Kingdom.


Why choose The London Music Institute?

Founded and run by British pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert and multi-instrumentalist Stefan Joubert, The London Music Institute is undoubtedly the most comprehensive music academy for adults in London and the United Kingdom. Thanks to our unparalleled understanding of adult music enthusiasts who play music for their pleasure and broad experience in adult music education, we have now established ourselves as a reference for adult music education in London.


We are devoted to providing adults with world-class music lessons in London.

For years, the adult musicians have been left in the dark with no proper platform to improve their musicianship, share their passion and express themselves. It is our mission to support and encourage adults from all levels and abilities in their endeavour and offer them the exceptional music instruction they deserve.

At The London Music Institute, we believe that all adults can learn to play an instrument or sing and that there is no need of having any special talent to enjoy playing music. For the past twenty decades, we have been providing music lessons to adults from all walks of life including lawyers, bankers, doctors, engineers, insurance brokers, accountants, pilots, writers and TV producers and we have succeeded to turn their dream of playing music into reality.

We are genuinely committed to your musical success and endeavour to make you become the brilliant musician of your dreams, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced amateur musician. We are committed to teach you all the correct techniques from day one and to help you improve your technical and musical skills drastically.

We believe that everybody can learn how to play an instrument or sing on the condition that they are serious about learning music, and listen carefully to the advice offered by expert music instructors. We believe that if people are taught in a proper manner and in a non-judgmental setting that is fully dedicated to them, they will achieve their musical goals.